Experiment in BIC

Some of my friends are inspiring me with their Golden Coffee Cup determination. I decided it's my turn.

I'm daring myself today with a thumbnail gesture drawing challenge. I've been going too far towards finished drawings to meet my Golden Coffee Cup goal and so I'm going to step back and try to just get "ideas" for the drawings -- very (very) rough compositions that I can develop further later. That was the whole purpose of the insane original goal anyway.

Let's see how many thumbnails I can get rough compositions for today. Let's see how rough I can let myself be. Is it too crazy (it seems absolutely absurd) to aim for 10 by 4:00?

BIC = Butt in chair

Let's see where it gets me... I'll check in at 4:00 with how it worked out.
Here I go!

UPDATE 1:00 PM: Going good! And I'm learning a bunch too. I've got numerous thumbnail gesture compositions for 4 spreads. Pretty good! Way better than I would have expected prior to trying this challenge. But I'm starting to feel distracted. I'm not sure I can keep up the pace... But at least I'm starting to feel a tiny glimmer of hope for the overall goal...

UPDATE 2:50 PM: I'm up to 6. I've worked on 6 spreads and have multiple potential compositions/thumbnails -- that I'm actually happy with -- to work with for almost all of them. Who knew that such a sloppy draft would have some good potential in it? I guess that's why they teach gesture drawing in school. I've also worked a bit on changing the pacing and it's a good improvement. I feel so jazzed about today! Thanks for the inspiration, Molly, Holly, Jolie and other Golden Cuppers! I'm breaking for a very late lunch. I'll check in again sometime after 4:00.

UPDATE 4:00 PM: I'm pretty fried. I worked on one final spread to bring me up to 7 but the thumbnails for the seventh spread are pretty iffy at best. But they are there and I suppose I should count them since I'm supposed to be thinking "rough draft" dummy. So anyway, SEVEN!!!! I feel great about what I accomplished today. I have a couple more work days before the end of the month. Maybe, just maybe I'll actually come pretty close to accomplishing this Golden Coffee cup goal.

Enough rambling. This post was pretty much for me and to hold myself accountable. But thanks for bearing with me.