Handmade Book of the week Nov 22 - 28, 2008

Draw on!
In honor of my drawing frenzy this month (that looks like it's going to stretch into next month too) I hereby make my pencil journal this week's book of the week.

No kidding, I had planned on making this book my book of the week this week because of the drawing frenzy. But I sold it a few days ago to one of my most favorite repeat customers. I've made her a couple of custom books -- a hamburger book and a hippo book, both for very specific and very cool purposes. I hope I get to see them filled someday. I'm super excited that this book is going to the woman that it is going to. Yay!

I decided to post it even though it's already sold. It's a cool book and it fits with my mood. But sorry folks if you want a pencil journal yourself, you'll have to order one special or check out the scissors and pencil journal I have in stock.

P.S. Isn't this shape of journal fun?