Illustration of the Month: November, 2008

Okay, okay, I know this illustration is not finished. So maybe, technically, it shouldn't be the "illustration of the month." Call it "sketch of the month," if you must, BUT I post it anyway because...

This month has been all about me working on my current dummy for my Golden Coffee Cup Goal. And even though I'm so far behind I'm almost certain I won't reach the goal by the end of this month (shooting for next month?), I have made huge strides and I LOVE what I've been making.

This is the drawing (which will probably change some when I get to the revision stage) for pages 30-31. It features my three resilient friends, Crow, Armadillo and Opossum in a scrappy patched together treehouse that they build at the end of the story I'm working on. I had an enormous amount of fun drawing it.

I liked this manuscript a lot, but I can't describe how much fun making the dummy for this one has been. It's VERY challenging and crazy to fit all the cluttered stuff that needs to go in the drawings, but it's so, so, so fun. And I can't wait to turn all these things into collage. It's going to be awesome and crazy and it just looks so fun to get into. I just feel like this book is pulling the best of what I can do out of me. Yay for that!