The Phoenix and The Pig

I just finished 4 new illustration samples!

The illustrations are based on a story that I adore, The Phoenix and The Pig, written by my friend Mattie Wheeler. The story is about a Phoenix who's contagious joie de vivre helps a grumpy old Pig lighten up -- in a very transformative way.

I wanted a chance to give life to someone else's characters, so I asked Mattie's permission to try with The Phoenix and The Pig.

I thought a Phoenix would be a fun thing to illustrate using my style and handmade paper because I knew I could make the phoenix's energy visual in an unusual way.

Thanks, Mattie! I had so much fun with your characters!

Small side note nuts and bolts reminder for anyone interested:

Writers of picture books do not usually choose their illustrators (nor do illustrators usually choose their writers). It's best not to submit stories with illustrations other than your own (editor's like to make the matching). This exercise was simply that: an exercise. Although I will add that I would be thrilled to illustrate a story as fabulous as Mattie's story, and I did ask to try my hand at it because I saw a very specific way my style could work with the characters.

P.S. I haven't forgotten my blog anniversary giveaway... I'll announce winners soon.