The Internet Can Be Good For You and A Cool Blog About Art Promotion

I've found an awesome blog about Art promotion (thanks to Blue Roof Designs' twitter posts). It's a blog maintained by Alyson B. Stanfield called the Art Biz Blog. No matter if you are a crafty etsy type, a writer, a painter or a potter, a lot of her advice carries over and rings true.

Since becoming a mom I've put heavy art promotion (both for my handmade books and for my illustration) on the back-burner in favor of honing my craft in regards to writing and illustrating. And boy has it been worth it! I have learned so much over the last two years! I think sometimes artists don't take enough time out to better their skills. But striking that balance between promotion and improvement is an important skill to learn too. How do you do it?

Well if you are an artist reading this blog, odds are you promote yourself (or are thinking of doing so) at least partially through the internet. I feel like I've had the "internet" discussion with so many writers and artists recently. You know the one. Why do you bother blogging? What value does facebook or twitter have to you? Isn't a webpage more work than it's worth? Aren't you just wasting time you could be using in the studio? Well, sometimes.

The studio is my #1 priority. But I guess after every one of these conversations I come back to this point: promotion is an essential part of being an artist, and having an online presence really does not take that much time. It's cheap, it's fun, you can promote yourself and learn about your craft often in the same 20 minute time frame, and I think your buyers (whoever they are) probably expect it. If you are reading this, you probably see the value in all this internet stuff. No need to further preach to the choir. But in case you're interested, in a recent podcast on the blog I recommended earlier in this post, Alyson B. Stanfield does an awesome job of summarizing the values to an artist of an online presence. It's short. It's good. Give it a listen if you have the chance.

Enough to think about. Now, I'm off to the studio to get my hands dirty!