Two Sojourns for Next Week, Anybody Want To Join Me?

Speaking of sojourns (see my last post), I'm planning a fun art sojourn next weekend!

I'm planning a happy me-time weekend for the 17th and 18th while my son, Oscar, plays with his Grandma and my husband, Bryce, goes to Whistler with some buddies.

On January 17 I'm going to The Tacoma Art Museum to see the new David Macaulay exhibit, The Way He Works. David Macaulay is the awesome author/illustrator of books like The Way Things Work, The Way We Work and Cathedral, among many many others. On the 17th, the art museum is offering free admission for people who bring kid's books to donate to the awesome organization, Page Ahead. If anybody wants to join me, drop me a line.

On January 18 I'm going to see the Edward Hopper Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Again, If anybody wants to join me, drop me a line.

Hooray! I'm looking forward to it.