Handmade Book Of The Week January 10 - January 16, 2009

Sometimes it's nice to take a deep breath...
I chose this week's book of the week because I had a sort of dripping-faucet week.
You know the kind. Nothing really goes that wrong. But a lot of little stuff does. And it feels a bit like a there's a dripping faucet in the background, conspiring to annoy you and trick you into thinking everything sucks when really nothing is that wrong.
Most especially when you compare a dripping faucet to -- literally -- crazy, horrible life-changing floods that are affecting people all around you. My county is badly FLOODED this week. Seriously. Really horribly flooded. Neighborhoods and parks are lakes, streets are rivers -- it's crazy. And my house is all good. As is most of my neighborhood. Whew.
So anyway, this book reminds me of a spa. A nice backrub. I calm walk in the woods. It's the sort of book with the sort of attitude you want when you've had a dripping faucet kind of week. It's the sort of book with the sort of attitude you want when you realize your dripping faucet isn't a flood. Probably the kind of book/attitude you'd want even if you did have a major flood.

So, here's to everyone dealing with floods or drips, large or small.

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