Gratitude Labyrinth Walk in Hong Kong

We stumbled across this labyrinth outside a church along a park path in downtown Hong Kong over Thanksgiving Weekend. I love Labyrinths, and have traveled far and wide to walk various labyrinths in the world; so it was fun to stumble across one in the heart of a city that was already busy enchanting me.
My son Oscar and I walked it together. I have to say, I'd never walked a labyrinth with train crossings before, so that was fun.
When we reached the center we both listed things we were grateful for, in the spirit of Thanksgiving. We took turns. "I'm grateful for being in Hong Kong with you Mommy."
"I'm grateful for being in Hong Kong with you, Oscar!"
After we walked out of our grateful centers, I taught Oscar how to hopscotch skip-walk the Labyrinth.
So we skipped in and out of our grateful centers a few times together and then went on our way.