Summer Revision Smackdown

Goals help me keep my butt in chair working.

I always have a lot going on. And usually I love it all. Like right now I have some fun custom order handmade books to get done, I have a mentorship program assignment that I'm thrilled to be doing and I have a big pile of handmade books to photograph for my etsy shop. But while I love all these parts of my work, none of them is as close to my heart as my current children's book dummy work-in-progress.

So as the days turn enchantingly long, and all the summer stuff I have lined up threatens to pull me away from my w.i.p., I'm psyched that two writer friends Jolie Stekly and Holly Cupala, have thrown a June revision goal-setting and goal-meeting challenge out into the world to pull me back to what's nearest and dearest to my heart:

I'm in!

If I'm going to meet my regular deadlines and get some work done on my w.i.p., I've got to stay focused. THANK YOU for the challenge Holly and Jolie!

In figuring out goals to post, I realized that it's hard to define goals with revision. But this is so so good that this challenge is making me try. Procrastination be banished! I will have goals!

I'm going to aim for revising 2 illustration spreads (from my current dummy WIP) a week (10 total in June). My definition of success will be that both spreads are better than when the week started by a *satisfying* amount.

Satisfying =
  • If the composition needed work, satisfying would mean I’ve resolved the composition issues with thumbnails (in which case the drawing can remain rough and still be considered a satisfying revision)
  • If the drawing started rough, but the composition was solid, then satisfying would mean cleaning up and finishing the details of the drawing.

It will be fun to see how this works. I’ve never given myself deadlines with revision before. I’m excited to try it out.

What art, writing or marketing goals do you have for the month of June? Why don't you go post them over on Jolie or Holly's blogs and join in on the challenge?