New Studio... Another post about it

MOVE is a four letter word.

My new house, my new studio, they are both fantastic dreams. These are pictures of my studio. Isn't it incredible?

But somehow I was in complete denial that moving would not throw me off my game (while I have a toddler around no less! HA!). While it was a fun challenge to be a superhero-mom-artist-mover person, it did not (of course) work that way really. Really it was a heck of a lot of distracting work (good work, but not my illustration work). And my studio was in chaos for far too many months (we redid floors, painted, etc etc etc).

Still I got a bunch of writing done. 

And! I upgraded my technology (since I was derailed a bit anyway and technology upgrades are always a bit unsettling).

Check out my new printer and scanner! BIG FOOTPRINTS! But it is beyond nice to have a scanner that works really well! HOORAY!

All this being said, I'd be lying if my inner mean-girl wasn't fussy nearly the entire time I was fixing my house and studio that she couldn't do everything. (*Sigh.* Why can't I always do everything? And do it perfectly? )

And it can suck to pick up the pieces when you drop the ball on things important to you. It's hard! You feel overwhelm! And neglect! So you procrastinate!

But then, one day, you decide to let the perfection go because what else can you do except never do it because you didn't do it all perfectly. Besides that who really cares except you anyway? 

In order to pick up the pieces you just have to pick up the pieces

So this is all just to say hi to the internet again. I'm still here. I'm really here this time. I'm drawing again and those projects I mentioned a couple posts back that were pestering me to finish are making me super happy lately because I'm working on them and I see many months in my future where I get to be type A like I like to be and try to get them done.

I have a big fat hairy goal that I'm working on. And I'm hoping to use this blog to help me make it happen. But let's save that for another post and for now I'll just enjoy the fact that I picked up the pieces and rejoined the internet. 

Cheers (always and forever) to letting go of perfect. Because perfect is truly the enemy of getting anything out there at all.