A few new black and white portfolio pieces

It's been about a year since I first started experimenting with adding black and white images to my portfolio.
I'm still sort of finding my voice with it but I've been enjoying the process. Here's a couple of pieces I like from the last few weeks.
This second one was an experiment in play. I used a rough sketch from about a year ago that I had already turned into a color piece (in fact the color version is still in my portfolio over on my website).

I felt compelled to play with the sketch from this piece because while I liked the drawing a lot, I thought the tones were a bit off in the color version. So I decided to play and see how or if I could improve it in black and white. I tried drawing some of the patterns I used in my collage papers. (Something I'd like to do more of in the future).

The unexpected result: I think I like the finished black and white piece better than the color version.

It's fun when play leads to work you really like.