Pat on the Back for me

Picture Book Idea Month (an idea a day for a month) really feeds my muse. Last year by the end of November I was rolling with a new mid-grade fiction novel and had ideas swarming me that led to some of my favorite work I did last year. My muse went nuts with the freedom to brainstorm.

This year, again, I feel pumped and energetic after the months' exercise. In fact this year I feel like the entire process has completely busted up a block I had building in my work over the past few months (sadly neglecting follow-through on some of my favorite projects from last year even). What is it about the concept of coming up with an idea every day that frees my muse so much?

I think it's the idea of brainstorming. Not letting the inner critic shut down my muse before she gets going. Or more to the point, shutting up the perfectionist within.

That pesky perfectionist always wants to please everybody when it comes to follow-through time. And that can be downright counter-productive. But the problem is figuring out how to balance the free-flow of ideas with the careful editor within. And so the dance goes on.

Anyway, cheers to anyone else who took on the PiBoIdMo challenge (or nanowrimo for that matter). I wish you all kinds of good energy in your efforts of following-through on all your fantastic new ideas.