Fishy sketches

I've been a little unplugged this fall (there's something gloriously refreshing about breaks from status updates and constant digital input). But it's high time I check in to my trusty old blog and say hi to the wider world. Hi wider world! Nice to see you!
 Speaking of places where we unplug...
 My husband's maternal family has a little cabin on the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, right over the border from Upstate New York.  We call the place "Camp Carpenter," or just: Camp. I LOVE camp. My husband grew up fishing and boating and swimming there. And now my son Oscar and I get to join in the fun.

 I'm happy to say that this summer when we took Oscar there (he hadn't been in a few years — ya know, due to a little two-year excursion to Asia...), Oscar LOVED it.
And Oscar's favorite part of camp, hand's down, was fishing.
And while we were there I had a little spark of inspiration for a picture book fishing story that now has been nagging me for a few months. Especially because I told Oscar about it and he keeps asking me about it (he really liked fishing).
 So here I am in November (with a happy full journal of PiBoIdMo ideas) kind of obsessing over this one little spark from the summer.
 So I've been writing a drawing a bunch this month with fishy stuff on the brain and I thought I'd share.
 It's kind of the perfect focus when you are feeling a little prone toward unplugginess.
 So these are all just super rough sketches I'm doing to get ideas for how the characters in the dummy will look.
 I hope everyone out there in the wider world had a lovely thanksgiving (or fall, if you aren't in the U.S.A.!).
 We had a very eventful November in our little corner of the universe: I got a new nephew (melt melt heart; something about newborn babies just makes you think everything about the world is beautiful).
And cheers to anyone else who participated in PiBoIdMo! Hope your fishing trip for ideas was a huge sucess!