Adventures, not even in Asia

My blog has been a bit quiet the past few months as I'm (still) settling into home after living in Asia for two years, shaving my dear old studio down (from using two rooms to using just one), introverting as I deal and...

Taking adventures in my own backyard.

 It's normal for an expat to have some trouble getting his or her head on straight after re-entry into one's homeland.

 Things can be a bit strange and overwhelming, even while they are also familiar and lovely. Sometimes there are cringe moments, confusion, and grumpy faces as mommy forces everyone to deal as she re-organizes EVERYTHING in EVERY room because this is a new time and everything should be new and clean and fresh and organized (dream on)! But memory has it that it took forever when we got to Malaysia too... Anyhow...

In our case, for re-entry at least, there's also the fact that we love, love, love the northwest. And that can just obliterate all the meddlesome tedious details of how long it takes to move back home.

I mean, how could you not love this place?

View of Bellingham-ish area from Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island

 And we've traveled a lot. We knew re-entry would take forever. 

And now we also have a new perspective on travel in our own backyard.

I loved all the magic and adventure we found and experienced while living in Asia. It was fantastic. It was life-changing.

Even in small ways. Like when we got home, noticing the magic in our own backyard a little more acutely than we maybe did before.

No kidding, this is what I saw just a little over a week ago:


 Right after my reminiscing here on seeing them in Australia. Here's my smile after watching the whales for an hour or so:

It was magic in my own backyard that I'd never experienced before I'd left. Kind of a concrete version of what I've been bringing on home from my travels.

A Few Awesome Picture Books that deal with the joy of adventure and maybe even the joy of coming home:

Toot and Puddle

by Holly Hobbie

Snail and The Whale

by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

A Penguin Story

by Antoinette Portis

Flyaway Katie

by Polly Dunbar

Four of my favorite books. If you like adventures you will probably like these books too.

Please note:

I'm still here. I'm still squeezing in time to make art here and there and enjoying these two goofy guys:

My blogging habit will squeeze back in too. It will.