Diving in

As I contemplate how exactly to tackle the month since my last post there's a bumper car ride of inner thoughts banging around in my head...

Is it too late to post about the SCBWI conference? How do I share the delight of overnight train rides with my son this past month or watching him swim and read for the first time even though it has nothing to do with my art? Wasn't it nice to be traveling this last month somewhere with little to no phone service let alone internet connection? Fishing, kayaking, swimming under the stars, reading reading reading. Reading in a tree house. What wonders that all did for my muse! Do I share anything about all the picture books one can write while just adventuring? I think I'm transitioned now, is that interesting to post about? Probably not. Oh wait! I saw some amazing art in Chicago last month I should share about. Gosh I was all over the map — literally – last month. Or what about my studio, have I put pictures up yet? Ugh! I hate when I neglect practices that I love. Neglect leads to overwhelm. I love journaling on the internet. Who cares about all these inner thoughts. Just dive in.

Bump, bang, crash! Wait! Aren't bumper car rides fun? Yes, but I'm over this inner thought ride that comes from neglecting a cherished practice.

Just dive in.

Like a whale.
A whale?

Yes. A whale.

Exactly one year ago, on the 10th anniversary of one of the scariest days in my home nation's history during my lifetime, I spent 40 minutes with 2 whales in Albany, Western Australia. I know I know. I already posted about it. But it's on my mind today.

The day was magical.



Like a visit from the muse. A long and lovely and magical visit with my muse. A magical visit that has stayed with me and become a part of me. And I'm thinking about it today because it's Sept. 11.

I like wiping all the bumper car thoughts away with the memory of those whales. I like the idea of just diving in.

I think I'll print out one of these pictures and put it on my studio wall as I dive into my new goals for this new school year (Yep, I'm on a school-year schedule now. My little one just started Kindergarten).

How about you? Maybe there's something small you can do to cultivate a little magic in your life or work right now?
Or maybe it's time to just dive in.

Either way, I hope your school year is off to a magical start.