Wish Granted: Working like a maniac to meet a deadline

Just as my studio started to resemble a happy working space last week (finally!) I got my wish for a crazy deadline. HOORAY! The deadline is for the illustrator intensive I'm participating in for the L.A. SCBWI conference. I somehow missed the memo about the assignment when I signed up. I think the website said something like, "details to be announced later," in my defense.
Anyway, I'm working on a new thumbnail dummy for a story of mine about a goose.
In just one week (last Friday to this one), I have filled up nearly two sketchbooks with drawings, drawings, drawings.
And I'm loving every crazy minute of it.
I made a goal a couple of years ago to work toward being able to draw faster. I'd say that goal is met.

And if I seriously get a rough dummy finished in less than ten days (as I'm on track to) I so am going to jump up and down. Especially because, even though the dummy isn't perfect, I LIKE IT! It's a good start! YAY!

Anyway, I love a good challenge to rise to. BRING IT ON! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING UNIVERSE!

On a side note I was telling a friend this story yesterday and she laughed and said in a teasing way, "Yay! I'm stressed!" I got a tickle out of that one. The thing is, I know it sounds totally cheesy, but I don't feel stressed. I feel determined. I can do this. I WANTED a crazy deadline, and I got one. Be careful what you wish for! You might just get it!

Cheers to anyone else out there who is taking some butt-in-chair time to get lots done. Don't forget to walk up and down the stairs every hour or so. Or get a walk in at some point during the day. Butt-in-chair may be good for getting lots done, but it's not so good for one's actual butt. But I digress... Gotta go get back to work.