Clearing out the clutter

Whew! The sun has come out around Bellingham lately and luckily I'm feeling a bit more in rhythm than since my last post. 

I'm still hectic getting my house and studio back together and the movers haven't arrived yet (tuesday they come). But!

I prevailed. I finished two samples for the upcoming SCBWI conference in the Seattle area this weekend while at the same time juggling the massive amounts of stuff I have had to do to get the house ready for the movers to arrive.

Because I had no equipment and was thinking it was time to add some black and white to my portfolio (after months of working on improving my black and white drawings), I did the pieces in black and white.

I was aiming for two illustrations from Cinderella with a 1920's twist.
I've always thought it would be fun to dance the Charleston. Too bad I'm a terrible dancer...

In the last three weeks I've cleared truckloads (literally) of junk and clutter from my house.  It feels good to purge. It also feels in alignment with the work I've been doing for my portfolio for the conference while I've been finishing these pieces. I've been focusing on clearing out anything unnecessary so my favorite stuff can shine.

Anyway, if you are at the SCBWI conference in Seattle this weekend, I hope to see you there! Otherwise, have a great weekend!