On An Island

I'm clumsily typing this post on my phone, sitting outside Starbucks in Kona, Hawaii, where I have a few more days of easing my way towards home. After leaving KL, my son and I spent a week in Hong Kong with friends, and now we have a week in Hawaii with family (who flew here to meet us). I feel like I'm on an island in more ways than one and I'm really grateful for it.

There's the chaos of moving behind me in KL and the chaos of moving and re-assimilating ahead of me in Bellingham. But I'm taking a break in this beautiful island, enchanted by the landscape that hints at the firey lava bubbling near the surface. I feel mesmerized with the vulnerability of the solid looking rock all around me. And I feel enchanted by the waves that bobble me up and down as I snorkel and see the world from a different perspective.

I'll be back to having regular internet next week, I look forward to rejoining the world then. For now I'll relish the island I'm on.