New Art

I've been busy in the studio, making new art and getting a portfolio ready for a conference that takes place not too long after I return to the USA in a few weeks. I always wish I could get more new art done before a conference. I'm also busy, busy, busy, getting ready to move...

It's only a few days before I lose all my studio equipment to a container ship for weeks and weeks. 

Unfortunately all this transition doesn't line up with my drive to make art and work on my novel project.

At least I made this one piece I like last week.

Here it is in color:
 And here it is in black and white:

I really wanted to get some black and white stuff made for my portfolio as I've been working on making it presentable in its own right (not meant just for sketches). But I'm feeling super picky about it, which I think is a good thing. Maybe I won't get it done for this conference. Perhaps the next one.

Meanwhile, I've only two weeks left in Malaysia. I have some adventures planned on the way home. Then, by the end of March, I'll be back in the USA for good.

I just have to get through these bumps with dignity and grace and hopefully a little work done and my relationships all in tact. If anyone else out there is going through any transitions, here's a shout out. I'm rooting for you!