January Treasure List: Fun finds and things worth sharing

Fun finds from the past month:
An NPR article about a mysterious book/paper sculptor who keeps leaving artistic wonders in libraries.

I heart Sophie Blackall's new illustrated book, Missed Connections: Love Lost and Found, where she's illustrated missed connection ads from Craigslist. I also heart Sophie Blackall's blog of the same name that she's kept for quite some time.

My son and I went to a fun puppet show here in Malaysia last month where the puppeteer, Jim West, also showed the audience how to make really cool dinosaur puppets. In honor of that show (and because I was happy to see the new Muppet Movie last month), I thought I'd share a link to Jim West's website, where he explains how to make many of the puppets he showed us. Super fun! (Have I ever mentioned that I spent an entire summer in early high-school making puppets, from the moment I woke to the moment I went to sleep, whenever I wasn't working or eating. It's true. But I digress).

This article from the NYT about bookstores doing way better than expected this year brought a smile to my face.

So did this tutorial by CTHULIZ on how to make a dinosaur necklace (found from a link on the Geek Crafts Blog, which is always a favorite).

This article, "Twelve Things You Were Never Taught In School About Creative Thinking," (by Michael Michalko) inspired me and made me think, hopefully creatively (thanks goes to a member of my critique group back home, who sent it to me).

And, if you happen to be in New York City any time soon, you must go to the Jewish Museum and check out the exhibit on Ezra Jack Keats. If you are in NYC for the SCBWI conference at the end of the month, make sure you go early. The exhibit ends on Jan. 29th.

Okay, and to finish off the list for this month, let's do another silly Google Image search. How about since I'm missing snow, let's choose something silly that looks like snow. How about doilies? (Yes, I said doilies. Doilies are very snow-flake festive and looking at an entire webpage of pictures of them is strangely, playfully, satisfying. Try it.)

Happy New Year!