Ornament suggestion for travelers

We've been enjoying the holidays in Malaysia, where people take their mall decorating, very, very seriously.
 Christmas decorations are EVERYWHERE here.
 But I confess I kinda miss my happy collection of more humble ornaments that are back in Bellingham, WA, in a box in my basement.
 Still, my son really wanted to put a tree up. So we did.
And thanks to my souvenir of choice when I travel, our tree is actually pretty full (because we've been traveling a lot while living in Asia).
What's my souvenir of choice?

It's anything that looks like I could turn it into an ornament. Key chains. Silly small stuffed bobbles.  sometimes even bookmarks. Especially if any of the above are handmade. I throw them in a box and before Christmas, I turn them all to ornaments.
That way, when I'm decorating my Christmas tree, I'm reminded of all sorts of fun adventures of the past. 

Thought I'd share in case anyone out there will be traveling for the holidays too.

Merry Christmas!