Illustrating one word: STAMP

Ever seen the musical performance, STOMP? Ya, well, this is inspired from that.

A little over a week ago STOMP (not STAMP) thundered through the KL convention center and I was lucky enough to see it. Of course the word STOMP and the word STAMP are closely related but STAMP is appealingly more crafty, so I plucked it from the thesaurus as a word to illustrate in a new idea-generating challenge I’ve devised for myself. The challenge is to occasionally pick a word that somehow represents my previous week or two and illustrate it.

Now and then it’s a challenge for this particular artist to be brave in her own work, to work with her mousey side, to let go of her inner critic and just be bold where it strikes her to be bold and also too, to share her art (send it out into the world somehow no matter how insignificant it sometimes feels). So I remind myself today, to STAMP out my own impressions in life, freely, boldly, and in a spirit of playful dance.
Also too, since I brought up the performance (STOMP, that is), here's a link to a sort-of kindred video, HOUSE BEAT. It has a more handmade feel than STOMP; It's fun percussive music made with random sounds from around the house. It's also been one of my favorite youtube videos for quite some time. Enjoy!