Things from November that made me happy or made me think

The last month has been one of the busiest travel months for my family of our entire time in KL, and it was a fabulous, fabulous month. We traveled to Chang Mai, Thailand; Cameron Highlands, Malaysia; and Hong Kong (for Thanksgiving). WOW!

My muse has also been busy delighting me with many fantastic art ideas in the studio, so I've been working, working, working. How much can I cram into one little month? Although I'm not sure when or what I'll share here, because a lot of what I have been up to is writing and not drawing, I've been loving the experience.

Anyway, while I let some blog posts from all of the above simmer (which part do I write about? Which parts do I share? I think I need some time to sort it out...), I thought I'd try something new here that I've wanted to do for quite some time.

I'll call it my November Treasure Hunt LIST. What is it? It's a random collection of crafty tid-bits and arty links that I thought might be fun to share, all things I stumbled across in Novmeber and jotted down as the month went on in preparation for sharing here. Maybe I'll try to do this again sometime; it was fun.

I hope you like it too...

Strawberries from Cameron Highlands


  • This video that a few friends posted on facebook made me smile wide with wonder. Did you know that a collection of starlings is called a murmuration?
  • This article in the New York Times clued me in on a fantastic charity that builds libraries around the world, especially in places where kids lack access to many books. The charity is called Room To Read and I LOVE what they do. I've been daydreaming about ways I can contribute in the near future... How about you?
  • I loved this article from the New York Times about a woman who built a treehouse in Brooklyn. Don't miss the slide show, the pictures especially made me smile.
  • Okay, I wasn't a horse girl, but umm... I would have gladly transformed my bike into a horsey bike when I was 9 anyway. Fun!
  • My favorite sweater accidentally went through the wash after I visited Cameron Highlands (it's actually cool there). Sadness! Maybe someday I'll splurge on one of these colorful beauties to replace it.
  • This article, from Wired, that talks about how constraints and rules can expand creativity, rung very true to me. How about you?
  • In the books vs. electric books category I offer a couple of interesting bits:
  1. Another NYT article, this one about parents still preferring actual paper picture books for kids as opposed to digital picture books. Loved this article and felt like it caught my own exact POV on this one. I've collected quite a few picture books on my I pad and I even travel a lot, which could mean maybe those are the books I read my son when I travel. Umm... no. I still bring picture books. And even if my son does enjoy some of the I-books, he still prefers the actual physical books. As do I. So ya, I firmly believe picture books are here to stay, no matter the digital revolution in books. 
  2. That being said... There were two pretty awesome picture book apps that came out this past month that I think stand out in their genre. Look for the Harold and the Purple Crayon digital app and the Mo Willems' app "Don't Let the Pigeon Run This App." Both use the medium well while staying true to the spirit of the original books. (That being said, I still like the books better).
  •  How about a google image search of the month. Ya, let's do it. I've been day-dreaming of ways I'm planning on changing up my living space in Bellingham when I move home soon. In that spirit, how about a google image search for something crazy like Patchork Chairs
  • And since Thanksgiving weekend is always a big part of November (at least for Americans like myself), how about this article affirming my beloved daily practice of keeping a gratitude journal (again from the NYT).