A Picture Book Idea, every day in November

My muse thrives off of brainstorming. So it's with great enthusiasm that I'm jumping in to Tara Lazar's (now) annual November challenge: write down a picture book idea every day for the month of November.  It's a sort of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), for picture book writers with an equally silly name: PiBoIdMo, Picture Book Idea Month.

I participated last year and collected many usable snippets and ideas — one of which I've even written into a story I like and have even begin making into a dummy. Anyone else care to join?

It's very hard to share my ideas before they become real, solid, finished (or-nearly-finished) stories (it always feels a bit like squashing a firefly when I share an idea I haven't worked on yet), but I'm trying to figure out a way to share a bit more of what I come up with this year. Maybe I'll draw a few sketches from my ideas? We'll see. But I can promise you my new idea journal is about to gain lots of scribbles and scratches. And that makes me smile wide. Thanks for the challenge Tara!