SELL OUT! Tips for hand-selling stuff, BONUS TIP, tip #12

Well folks, Labor Day is fast approaching back in the U.S.A. marking the end of another summer. At the beginning of the summer I started a SELL OUT series of tips on hand-selling homemade work without losing your soul or compromising your integrity. I started with the summer craft show season in mind and now that the summer is dwindling to a close I think this will be the last in of my bonus tips. I hope the series has been helpful to someone out there and anyone who’s participated in craft shows this summer has had phenomenal success.

Tip #12 for great craft show sales (BONUS TIP): Accept credit cards!!!

Okay, I realize this one seems a bit silly. But anyone who frequents craft shows or farmer’s markets knows why I say it. Not all artists take credit cards. It’s a pain to set up collection, if you don’t regularly do shows it’s a pain to figure out how to maintain, it costs the artists extra money etc. etc etc.

BUT. If you are selling stuff, you have to figure out a way. Go to the bank and figure it out.

I totally failed at this one for many of the first years I sold at craft fairs. And I BLEW IT. I knew it was dumb then but after I remedied the situation I figured out just how dumb. You can double or even triple your sales by accepting credit cards (I did). If you ever sit around groveling after a show because you didn’t sell as well as you wished you had, but you don’t take credit cards, umm…. Hello? You have yourself to blame, stop groveling and go to the bank and solve this problem.

I think this is especially important advice now, at least in the United States. People don’t carry cash as much as they used to. They are used to paying for things with debit cards and credit cards. You will make LOTS more sales if you accept credit cards. LOTS. I promise.

On that blunt and silly note, I'm officially retiring the series on being a good seller at craft shows. It was fun to revisit my craft show glory days and think about sales again. Perhaps someday in the not-to-distant future I’ll have my booth set up at another fair somewhere again, this time selling more of my collage art, and happily SELLING OUT!