Photo play with dragonfly pictures

 During the Muslim holy month of Ramadan I attended a break-fast (not breakfast, but break-fast) meal at the Islamic Art Museum with some friends (for those back in the U.S. who may be unfamiliar with Ramadan customs, Muslims generally fast during daylight hours during Ramadan). The Islamic Art Museum is one of the most beautiful places in KL. It's a quiet haven of contemplative art; I always feel renewed or inspired after spending time there.
 While we were waiting for the sun to set and for the restaurant to open, I noticed a dragonfly that had died in the most lovely spot, looking out of the most lovely window.
A window in the Islamic Art Museum.
I took way too many photos of the dragonfly.
It caught my imagination; it looked haunting.
Using a couple of arty photo apps on my phone (hipstamatic and instamatic amongst others), I tried to capture the mood and emotion the dragonfly evoked in me . 
 Some of these I made later, using the photos I took while there.
But anyway, here are a few of my favorite results/experiments.
RIP, beautiful dragonfly.