What would Hermione do?

I realize this may put me over-the-top in the nerd category, but I confess that I have asked myself this question (what would Hermione do?) kinda-jokingly, kinda not, several times when I've faced small (rather mundane) situations that called for minor acts of bravery over the last couple of months (how can you not heart Hermione?). I suppose this is akin to confessing one has star trek pajamas, or that you watch Dancing with the Stars or something of that sort (I don't), but so be it.

I've been in and out of Harry Potter mode frequently over the last few months as I've been re-reading all the books in preparation for the last Harry Potter movie that comes out this week (I haven't re-read them all without break, I'm not that nerdy -- but I've been re-reading about one a month in-between other books, oh ya, and re-watching the movies). And while it's not a newsflash, just in case you've never tried it, I declare: It's really fun to re-read favorite books.

For anyone else who may be in on the nerd fest, here's a song for you: