New Scanner = Better reproductions

Okay, I know these two images look nearly identical.
But the second one I scanned using my still-not-great-but-way-better-than-what-I-had-before NEW flat-bed scanner. For those lacking an eye for detail, you can mostly see the difference in the details and in the textures of the paper. Look closely at the juggling fruit and perhaps you can see the difference (or click through to see larger images -- there's no mistaking the improvement when you look at them larger).
 When you look at my originals, there is no doubt that they are collage. The textures and the shadows add so much to each overall piece. But unfortunately these aspects have not always translated well in reproductions I've made (I don't have access to the equiptment that would do this really well). This bothers me a lot and I've been working at improving my reproductions for years. For example I had just found a company that did a pretty good job with scanning in Bellingham before moving to KL, but then I moved to KL and was unable to find a comparable business (and then the business in Bellingham closed anyway).

All that aside, this week I've been jumping for joy because my new scanner captures the textures in my handmade paper way better than I've ever been able to catch them before. I've already gotten a sample printed and mailed to me and they look so, so much better than samples of the past. It's a nerdy, nerdy celebration, but a celebration it is. CHEERS!

Anybody interested can check out the (mostly) updated scans in my portfolio (which I've recently updated anyway). For a good comparison, look at the angel on the bottom of the first page compared with the other pieces on that page. I gave the angel piece away soon after I made it and don't have access to the original anymore to rescan. I'm keeping her in my portfolio -- for now -- for various reasons that I think would pass this blog post too far into a nerdy over-thinking-and-explaining-things realm (or is it there already?). Anyway, I'll spare you that digressive explanation and just invite you to compare if you are interested.