Trickshaws: ride and craft

 While my sister was visiting, we all took a weekend trip to Melaka.
 And the coolest thing in Melaka are the trickshaws!

 I liked the boat trickshaw that my son Oscar and I picked out best.
 But we took a few different trickshaw rides.
 Because how can you resist?
 One of the drivers even let Oscar pretend to be the driver.

 He even had a passenger.
When we saw wire-bended ornament-sized trickshaws for sale at the night market in Melaka, we had an idea.
 So after we got back from Melaka, and while Kelli was still in KL we decided to decorate our trickshaws with drink umbrellas and tiny fabric flowers.
 For the record, this craft project utterly stumped me.
 What took Oscar 15 minutes, and Kelli 30 minutes, took me 3 hours.
 Yes. Three. Long. Hours. Anyone who knows me well knows I don't give up easily -- to a fault.
Especially when in real life I specialize in collage pieces that require me to work with teeny tiny pieces of paper and surgical tweezers all the time -- I should be able to do this, I kept thinking. And this was something that my four-year-old managed to do in 15 minutes
 Plus my four-year-old kept saying, "Never give up mommy, you have to keep trying to get better!"


Those words practically could be my inner monologue regarding my career -- so I had to keep going. I had to. It was some sort of silly pride thing. Even if it was a silly little trickshaw. Even if I must have re-threaded that stupid needle 50 times and re-sewn all those tiny bands of flowers over and over and over because I just couldn't manage to get them to stay on the way I wanted and even if by the end I thought my eyes would be crossed forever.
 So anyway, we all did eventually finish decorating trickshaws. And I even like mine (the yellow one below).
 Now we just have to figure out a way to put them on the Christmas tree next Christmas.

(Note: some of the above photos were taken by my sister and/or brother-in-law, not by me.)