Paper Sculptor in Melaka

 Trickshaws and Satay aren't the only draws for taking a trip to Melaka, an historic town about 2 hours away from KL.
There are also dozens of artist studios, most of which are open to the public, around the Jonker Street Chinatown area.
One of my favorites from my last trip to Melaka (a few weeks ago) was the studio of a paper sculptor. He was piecing together teeny tiny paper figurines meant to be burnt as offerings at gravesides.
I felt shy to take close-ups of his work, but you can see a bit better if you click one of the above photos. It was hard to imagine burning such intricate miniatures. In the back of his studio I could see larger kite-like paper sculptures too.
 So that's where some of those trickshaw drivers find the funny-shaped shells to decorate their rigs with.