Staying open to MORE surprises

A few weeks ago I put up a post about staying open to surprises. I gave the nutshell version of the story of how I met my husband and how we were, at the time of the post, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary with a long-weekend get-away in Bangkok.

I took this picture on our get-away. It reminds me of that idea of staying open to surprises in such a happy, lovely way. Click on it for a larger version if you don't see the surprise. I didn't see it until I got home and looked closer at the photo.

Some of the best things in life you just can't plan. But staying open for those surprises -- that's the delight and the challenge in finding those happy surprises.

Also please note: I took this picture because I loved the flower and the mosaics behind it, but the surprising bees are what make the whole thing interesting. Such small little things that bring what already seems to be pretty awesome and magnificent to an entire new level. Kind of cool how something so small and lively can do that.