The Songkran festival in Bangkok

 Our recent long-weekend trip to Bangkok happened to overlap with Thailand's famous Songkran festival.
 It's a festival to celebrate the Thai new year. 
But it's also a festival where everyone and everybody throws water on each other in the streets for several days on end. 
I think the tradition originated in people trying to symbolically cleanse themselves for the new year.
But it's kind of evolved into a big nation-wide water fight in the streets. 
People get drenched, but mostly it's all in good fun.
We avoided the most popular areas to celebrate (figuring it was a bit much for Oscar, our 4-year-old son).
 Instead we joined in on some water play with the neighborhood kids near our hotel (luckily located in a residential area).
 My son had the time of his life.
 He even got the hotel staff in on the act.
 They got me drenched too.
 But I steered clear when they brought out the "powder water." I think it's just dish soap, but ummm... yuk? Does that mean I'm getting old?
 Hey, at least I took one for the team and blocked my whole family from being sprayed with a hose while we rode a tuk-tuk. Of course this meant that I was the one soaked by the hose right before dinner.