The School Of Hard Knocks

My sister and her husband have been visiting us the last few weeks.
 They just left yesterday. We had a super fun few weeks together.
When Kelli and I get together we tend to make crafty stuff.
So it isn't surprising that we had a few crafty adventures while she was here.
Like visiting the Royal Selangor Pewter visitor center (touristy? YES!).
We took a tour and watched craftspeople work away at making pewter objects.
Then we participated in something called "Whack and Snack" at the "School for Hard Knocks."
We got to fashion our own pewter bowls by hammering on a flat round sheet of plain pewter.
Too bad I didn't have any pent up anger to hammer out or anything -- this would have been the perfect place to do so.
I pounded my bowl into a nice partial orb and then opted to ornament the bowl with...
A knock knock joke.
Cheesy touristy goodness at it's finest, especially when you get to share the whole experience with your sister!
Oh, and kudos to whoever came up with the idea of decorating the walls with pewter hand prints of all people who work for Royal Selangor. I loved those walls.
FYI: the snack part of "Whack and Snack" involved tea with croissants. Yummy.