Recent Art: Peacock juggling next to a fruit stand

This piece turned out to be one of my favorites that I've made in awhile (you can click on it to see a larger version).
Not only because I think it turned out well, but because of how I was inspired to make it.
 It started over a second breakfast of egg hoppers and banana fritters in Ella, Sri Lanka.
The view from the cafe I was eating in was of this fruit stand:
And these tuk tuks:
I could also see this tidy little fish stand from where I sat:
I already had drawn my peahen princess (see last Monday's post) and I had, just the day before, seen so many animals, including lots of wild peacocks.
 (the porcupines I actually saw several days later)
But while I was sitting there eating I kept thinking about using that fruit stand as a setting in an illustration.
I couldn't shake it. I decided I needed pictures of the fruit.
I didn't want to be overly touristy, but I really wanted those pictures.
So I went over to the fruit stand (pretending I wasn't shy), and asked the guys running it about their fruit and if I could photograph it. They gave me a wood apple (later I found out that wood apples make really great jam) and of course they were very nice about letting me photograph all their fruit.
Right from the get go I pictured the same peacock I had drawn before (see last week's post), only this time he would be juggling fruit next to the fruit stand. So when I finally got around to making the drawing I naturally needed some reference for juggling. So I took a video of myself juggling (I recorded this using a widescreen setting on my camera and tipped the camera so the video would be portrait shaped; I cropped the video to download it here):
Then using a process I'd used before to get reference photos with good action in them, I  picked out a frame from the video to use as a reference when I drew my peacock juggling. 
 Here's the final drawing:
And here's the final collage, again:
Here are some close ups of the final piece:
 It's easier to get a sense of the piece as collage with the close-ups.
Another thing I like about this piece is that I focused on making some parts pop forward (the peacock) and some parts meld into the background more (the elephant). 
 This is a challenge in collage, but one I love and one I find very satisfying to work on. I've been playing with it much more since I participated in the SCBWI Nevada mentor program and I'm pleased with how it played out in this piece.
 Plus I like this piece because there's a tuk-tuk in the illustration.
We love tuk-tuks around here.