SELL OUT! Tips for hand-selling stuff, tip 2

This series includes weekly tips (every Thursday) for the next 5-7 weeks on hand-selling homemade work without losing your soul or compromising your integrity. But it's not just for crafters sitting around at craft shows. Authors who do book-signings take note. Some of this may apply to you as well. See the original introductory post here.
TIP #2: Always, always, always (you must!) smile and say hi when someone enters your booth or your selling space. 

You simply MUST do this or you aren’t even trying. 

This is the simplest and most effective thing you can do to be a good craft seller. It's that simple. Just "hi" with a smile. It immediately lets people know you are friendly and available to help if needed. 

Yet I mention it because I can almost guarantee that this one tiny little no-brainer of an action will already give you a huge advantage over other booths at a craft show. Believe it or not, few craft sellers take their sales jobs seriously enough to even do this much. I'm not exaggerating. I've walked around many a craft show and noticed that it really is the rare booth where the seller doesn't clam up the second anyone walks in to check out their work. All a person has to do is say hi, and surprise! People are set at ease and might stick around to shop instead of rush out of your booth because they are afraid they interrupted you or made you feel awkward. So take note. If you do nothing else to be a good seller, just smile at people and say hi. Take a deep breath and set yourself at ease too.