Weaving Garlands

"To possess ideas is to gather flowers; to think, is to weave them into garlands." ~unknown
Yesterday I sat down and dove into a writing idea I've had for a long long long time. In one hour's time I had written the whole thing out and I loved what I had come up with. I'm sure it will need revision, but now I have an actual piece to revise rather than a floaty idea I scribble notes about now and then.

Why did I sit on that idea for so long? I guess it was simmering on the back burner, or quietly incubating while I tended to other projects, or maybe it was gaining passion like a snow ball gains snow by rolling around a bunch.

Anyway, something my son said made me think, "I'm just going to sit down and write this out a bit -- for him, not for my real writing." But now it's real writing. I love when play brings out the best in work.

So I thought I'd post a bit of a dare. I dare you to dive in. Just give yourself one hour and no pressure to do anything good, this is just for play. Dive in to that idea you've been sitting on for awhile and see what it feels like to start.

P.S. those who are struggling with a stuck spot on a different project -- this is not a dare for you! You need to glue your butt to your chair and dive into your stuck spot. It won't get unstuck on its own, and a sexy new project is just a distraction for you. You know who you are.