Immersing myself in a new world

 I love the feeling of jumping into a new book and discovering a very specific new setting.
 Maybe it's just a completely different angle or view of an otherwise familiar setting,
 Or maybe it's a new world altogether, 
 But when I find it, I'm a traveler exploring vast unknowns.
 (And Lord only knows how much I love to travel).
 I see things from new perspectives,
 understand my own perspectives better,
 and best of all,
 I have grand adventures.
 Novelists talk about creating unique new worlds, even out of the familiar.
 But picture books do this too.
 Often in the illustrations.
 Maybe it's with a color palette that matches a theme or mood.
 Or maybe it's with composition, or view point.
Whatever the twist of magic, it's one of my favorite considerations when I'm making any kind of new art.
But the biggest reward is when I'm able to share that unique point of view, or new world. 
Especially with the newest of explorers.