Going on a Whale Watch

I have a couple of fun posts about our trip to Sri Lanka coming up. Thought I'd try something different for this one. Enjoy!

Kjersten (as Mommy) and her son Oscar (age 3) present:
A story we made about whale watching in Sri Lanka! 
Written mostly by Oscar after a song Mommy was making up on the boat.
Please note that some illustrations have been replaced with pictures for the purposes of this blog.
Also, for those who aren't in the know -- this is DEFINITELY not the sort of thing you want to submit to publishers. But, all the same, I do recommend trying this at home.
(kinda sometimes sung to the tune of this song, but not perfectly so by a long stretch):

We saw the Indian Ocean and it was more rough than it should be! 
[don't try too hard to fit that into the melody, I'm telling you it won't work no matter how hard you try, but I digress]
We saw the sea.

[here's where we kinda loose the song for awhile]

Footnote for those interested: Blue Whales are the big attraction off the coast of Sri Lanka. But we didn't see a Blue Whale (even though they are usually spotted nearly daily at this time of year). We saw a Bryde's whale. Maybe not as big as a Blue Whale, but pretty thrilling anyway. Maybe only slightly more thrilling than your kid telling you he wants to make a story about the experience later that afternoon.