What surprises await?

 "How hard it is to escape from places! However carefully one goes, they hold you -- you leave little bits of yourself fluttering on the fences, little rags and shreds of your very life." -Katherine Mansfield
  I've been prepping the last few posts weeks in advance, still up in my studio in KL, getting ready to go home-home to Bellingham, but not wanting to neglect my little blog -- my online journal -- which I've taken a renewed interest in "filling." (If one fills a journal, what does one do with a blog? "Maintain" is not an exciting verb. I'd rather figure out a different verb for what I bother to do here, maybe, play? share?).

By the time this post actually goes up, I will probably be prepping to go back home-away-from-home, back to KL, where these pictures were taken and where I have lots of started art pieces waiting for me to finish (I know this will be the case now, as I've way too many drawings to put to collage to finish before I go to the US).
By the time this posts, I be heading back to adventure. Back to uncertainty, unusual plants and unfamiliar religions surrounding me. Back to the inevitable ups and downs that accompany a not-quite-home.
What a strange mix-match of where I am, where I'll be, where I hope I'll be and where I could be. 
I mean, not only for the blog, but for the new year.
I say, bring it on!
Let's see what surprises await.