Alligators eating licorice in a canoe: NEW ART

Here's an art piece I finished in December but hadn't put up on my blog yet.
 I made it for a friend of mine to give to his niece for Christmas.
The blank black rectangle was left so he could attach a story they had written together.
 It occurred to me I've posted a few slide show-like things with my illustrations, showing how I use my drawings as templates, but I've never just posted a bunch of pictures in a row, for those for whom video posts are difficult to access.
  As you can see from the pictures, my basic process is that I use a drawing to cut out my papers,
 and then I assemble the papers like a puzzle, using another printout of my drawing as a template.
 The papers are often tiny tiny tiny, so I use a surgical tweezers when I puzzle everything together.
I use PVA glue and a Chinese calligraphy brush as my glue brush (the only kind of brush I've found that works repeatedly for glue without needing constant replacement).
 I did marble that paper on my own, too. Check out this link for more on that.