When the Subway is Beautiful

I collected these mosaic pictures last time I was in Singapore.
They were all on a wall in a subway station.
 I like pausing for public art.
 It's right there to take for granted every single commuting day.
 Like the huge old Banyan trees I pass in the park daily.
 Rich with color and texture and life.
 Making my life better at the boundaries of my vision, even when I don't stop to notice.
  But when I do stop to notice...
Those colors are even more sweet.

I dare you.
This year:
If you don't already,
Stop and notice little bits of color in your peripheral vision.

Success can be measured in goals set and met
(a New Year's sort of thing, no?).
But it also can be measured in moments noticed and treasured.
And no one controls the success of the latter but you.