PiBoIdMo a success!

Pictured here: my current idea journal before I started filling it.
Almost forgot to give myself a pat on the back for completing Picture Book Idea Month. Yes, I wrote down a picture book idea everyday for the entire month of November.

It was a delightful experience. I learned that I love brainstorming, that good ideas often do come after I've flushed through the first 5 to 10 starts and that I need not treat ideas so preciously -- rather it's great to spout them out! For me, quantity does bring quality in the case of ideas.

Be bold!
If anyone out there also participated and would be interested in trading a sort of idea-critique, please consider yourself invited to contact me! I'd love to have outside thoughts on which ideas others think are most interesting. I can't wait to at least share them with my critique group. (Keeping my fingers crossed that we can meet over the holidays when I'm home).

So I'm sending happy branistorming thoughts out in the world today. I hope you catch some of them.