Let the craft season begin!

Thanksgiving usually ushers in a season of I-can't-help-but-get-crafty time for me. The holiday itself often ends up being a bit of a crafty day itself. This year's Thanksgiving was no exception, even though my crafty sister wasn't around to egg me on. My son, Oscar, and I ushered in the craft season together by making an awesome paper train "book" that he's now obsessed with.
We also had to be a bit crafty with our Turkey this year. We couldn't find one. My husband made a delicious chicken (you can see it cooking in the oven below and then fully prepared in the second picture below).
But I so wanted a turkey. I know it's a bit silly when your hubby is willing to make something that looks as good (and tastes as good as it looks) as this:
But there's also something to be said for comfort food when you're oceans away from home. So after I mentioned on facebook that I couldn't find a turkey, some KL friends came to the rescue and told us about a hotel that made fully prepared Thanksgiving dinners. Luckily we had three hungry American back-packer friends staying with us to help eat all that food!

So my Thanksgiving wishes came true last week. I got my crafty time, and my Turkey.