Collecting Shooting Stars

 A torn edge of a brochure taped over a found child's drawing with a scribble of what I was thankful for that day.
 I love looking back at my old journals, with their cluttered and messy pages.
 The practice of writing (and drawing and taping or gluing stuff) in a journal has helped me seek adventures that are worthy of recording. And to notice little things in the grass or colors overhead.
 While I've been traveling so much this year, I've found a lot of the photos I take are these sorts of snippets. Colorful bits and pieces I'm happy I didn't walk past -- but stopped to notice.
I took all of these photos in November. I think I was subconsciously collecting shooting stars. 
 Not a bad thing to collect, and a happy thing to collect on accident.
My photos are an unconventional sort of journal (my favorite kind). They aren't professional or serious, they are just pauses to notice small moments. Each on their own aren't very special, but altogether they kind of tell a story. Just like a journal.

Do you keep any unconventional journals? 
I'd love to hear about them.

P.S. This week I'm GOING HOME, as in BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON home. In fact by the time this post goes up, I'll probably just be arriving. Blessing to all who are traveling this season -- whether it be home or away from home. I hope you collect many amazing moments.

I've put up a few posts in advance of being gone, so the blog won't shut down while I'm away. Enjoy!