Christmas in Mall-Asia

I present to you: Christmas pictures from Malaysia (no I'm not in Malaysia right now, I took these before I traveled home-home to Bellingham for the holidays).
 Even though Malaysia is primarily a Muslim country (with sizable Buddhist and Hindi populations too), Malaysia is also a shopping mall culture.
 We lovingly call it, Mall-Asia.
 So naturally they love Christmas decorations.
 The malls go ALL OUT decorating with beautiful twinkling fake snow (even though it's most likely over 90 degrees outside). The decorations went up weeks before they would have at home. November was full of Christmas. 
These next two photos are from Malaysia's next-door neighbor, Singapore, a place that also loves shopping malls.
Yes, those Christmas trees are hanging upside down from the ceiling!
Please note that even in my son's school, where treats we bring must be halal, there were Christmas decorations up everywhere. There was even a cute little tree in his class room.

Cheers to a great holiday, religious for me, festive for others. I, for one, am happy to share the joy.
I'm wishing joy to you, wherever and whoever you are, this holiday week.