Woods in the Books

When I was in Singapore last week I stumbled upon a happy little bookstore called "Woods In The Books."
It was a picture book store, carrying what they called "picture books for all ages," meaning they carried lots of visual novels, graphic novels and arty journals in addition to picture books.
 The store was so lovingly curated, from the books, to the music playing in the background, to the art on the walls and exhibit in the back. Just knowing such a place exists makes me so, so, so happy. You can bet I spent a lot of time treasure hunting there. I also read some new picture books I'd been anxious to read but hadn't found in Malaysia yet (too bad my son slept through the whole experience, I think he would have liked browsing there too). I left with a very happy bag full of books and a skip in my step.
When I first moved to Malaysia I was rather cynical about the picture book market here. But I've started to realize that even though there isn't as much of a market for picture books as where I'm from, there actually is huge potential for growth here. And after being here a while, my very unscientific intuition tells me the probability for that growth actually happening seems pretty real. Just seeing what exists in a more developed market that's relatively local, like Singapore, is refreshing evidence. So there's a little dose of hope for you all today. It's not only Malaysia, either. Much of SE Asia is developing fast. Perhaps the market for picture books will develop and grow along with it.