A week-long random round-up of cool links and miscellany: Jesse Joshua Watson

It's seems there's lots of random links, blogs and bits of good news from friends I've been longing to share lately. Too many for one blog post. So I made a week's worth. Enjoy!

Jesse Joshua Watson has thoroughly inspired me with his recent trip to Haiti and his new picture book, "Hope For Haiti," which was recently released, and the blog about said book. He's also posted a cool link on his blog about an organization that will donate free books to kids in Haiti just for checking out an online version of the book. Pretty cool. I can't wait to see my copy of "Hope For Haiti," it's patiently waiting at my mother's house back home (inside a Powells cardboard box with my name on the mailing label). Merry Christmas to me (Yes I'll be back in the U.S. for Christmas).