Keep on keepin' on, with gratitude

This is my son with a book I helped him make.

Sometimes it's hard to keep working when you hear sad news. I feel like there's been lots of sad news in publishing lately, especially relating to picture books. I literally yelled, "NO," when I heard tricycle press would soon be no more. But bad stuff happens. To endure it, you've got to find your own sparks of joy. Really. You have to.

Just think, a hundred years ago there were barely any picture books at all. (And none with glossy colorful collage illustrations!) Now there are hundreds of new picture books that come out -- and indeed, even in this economy, still come out -- every year. What a beautiful and wonderful collective accomplishment.  Whenever I think on it it, I feel overwhelmingly grateful.

He was so proud, he even bound it!
And on that note,  I want to say thank you to everyone who keeps the embers glowing at the hearth, despite bad news sometimes. Children's books are important. Even little wanna-bes like me do our part to work at giving kids the best books and art we can offer, and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing to do so.
"No woman should be shamefaced in attempting through her work to give back to the world a portion of its lost heart."
 -Louise Bogan, poet
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!