Again, again! Let's make a story

Maybe we are stuck on a several-hours-long airplane ride. Or maybe we're on a long bus ride.

Whatever the longish, un-kid-friendly-ish stuck situation we're in, my son and I have found that we like to make up stories together during these times. We pick a main character and name him or her. Then we chose somewhere where that story takes place. Then we choose a problem. Then we make up goofy ways the character tries to solve his or her problem. Usually we try 3 goofy ways and then either the third or the 4th way works. 

Anyway, I've loved how this game flexes my own story-telling problem-solving skills on the fly. I also love how it bonds my son and I. He often wants to keep playing long after my brain is spent.

I've heard a lot of children's book authors say they secretly write for their kids, and were perhaps even inspired to start writing for kids when they had kids themselves.  I've been working at writing for kids longer than three years (the age of my son), so I didn't start out writing for my kid.

But I realized recently he's often who I'm thinking of when I think of my reader now. That seems so cliche! Oh well, I don't care. I honestly think my work is better for it.

How about you? If you are a writer, who do you write for?