So Kjersten, How are you liking Malaysia?

Note: Last weekend I went to the Batu Caves, a sacred place for Hindu people, just outside Kuala Lumpur. These pictures were taken there.

So maybe you've wanted to ask me, "Kjersten, How are you liking Malaysia?"
Here's your answer.
 I love the adventure.
I love seeing the world from a new perspective,
I love meeting new people.
and I love, love, love trying new food 
(the food here is fabulous, interesting, flavorful and varied -- I feel like I could never get sick of it).
Sometimes day-to-day life is challenging in a new place. This was especially true when we first arrived. I'd often find myself asking, "What on earth have I gotten myself into?" (This is a VERY common, almost universal experience for new expats).
But mostly I'm happy I've made the effort, tackled the climb, and am cultivating a good attitude about the challenges. 
Because this experience is worth it. This view is worth it.
And watching my son's view expand is reason enough to come here at all.

Then there's my art. Indeed, I am very grateful for how this experience is influencing my art.

Part of the initial challenge was that I kinda felt like I had lost a lot of work time for myself, and I'm happier when I'm making art (There's a lot to do when you move across an ocean, to put it mildly). But now that I'm settling in, I've been working A LOT. I can't work fast enough. I'm soaking up everything. Drawing. Journaling. Writing. It's thrilling.
And I like that I've often gotten a chance to be resourceful and think outside the box to solve problems. Really, is there anything more satisfying than looking at a seemingly impossible knot, then diving in and un-tying it? My job as an illustrator is to be a problem-solver. So thank you, Malaysia, for testing those problem-solving skills.
I do miss home. But for now, I love this experience and am very grateful for it. 

P.S. Anyone who doesn't feel like they are getting enough of my travel adventures here, check out the travel blog I made with my hubby soon after we arrived. Especially if you are a foodie. My husband is a foodie and likes to put up pictures of what we eat.